Wednesday     20:00-21:30

Saturday         18:30-20:00

Monthly tution  9,000 yen 

Tsurumai-dojo is a Kyokushin Karate school located near Tsurumai Station, which has JR Line and part of the red line subway. Kyokushin Karate is known as full contact karate where we actually strike each other so many people are intimidated and are hesitant to start it. However karate is not only for tough guys who fight for tough oponents in matches. Through training at our dojo we can can build your confident both physically and mentally. Karate is also a very good way to better understand Japanese culture. Visit Tsurumai dojo to enrich your stay in Japan with a new life experience.

How The Lessons Go


Our lessons follow this sequence

1. Warm up

2. Kihon Geiko  -Training karate basic moves (stances, punches, kicks, blocks)

3. Ido Geiko    -Training Kihon techniques in movement 

4. Kata  -A series of movements that combine the basic stances of Kihon and Ido Geiko

5. Stirking Pracice (basics and combinations)

6. Right Sprarring    

 7. Cool Down

Instructed In English


​Japanse speaking skills are not required at all. During the lessons, only the name of karate moves and the counting are in Japanese. Except them all instructions are in English. Tsurumai dojo is the only Karate school in Nagoya that accepts foreign students to be taught with an instructor who is fluent in English. 

From Beginners To Advanced

Tsurumai Dojo welcomes beginners and specializes with entry level Kyoushin karate training.

You will initially be sparring with the instructor to perfect your technique.

If you wish to compete in a tournament after gaining experience, you will have the dojo's full support.

We wish to help you start with your Kyoshin karate journey

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2F, Watanabe Buildding,2-7-10, Tsurumai, Showaku, Nagoya, Aichi


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